New Product~~ New Product~~ Decorated photo frame is here.

Trying some simple decoration on a photo frame and this is the outcome.

Hope it catches your eyes... ^^

Grab one to "frame your sweetest memory" :)

Status: All Sold

Year End Clearance Sales 年終清貨大减价!!

Hey guys and girls, sorry for the long hiatus~~ Sasahandmadehouse is having year end clearance sales now. The price is more cheaper than original price and postage fees is included. Besides, each set comes with a secret free gift. WHAT TO WAIT FOR?? FASTER GRAB ONE!! XD

Status: ALL SOLD

p/s: The price includes postage fees and each set comes with a secret free gift!! So, you save more than RM7 !!

Grab ! Grab! Grab! ^^

Long Hiatus~~

I have "abandoned" my blogspot for two months.
It's time to "refoster" it again... Hehe
Well, i am now working hard for my new products.
Will update my blogspot as soon as possible.
Just wait ya^^

Custom Made- Felt Cake Key Chain + Box

I have received an order from my primary+secondary ex-schoolmates after she saw my blog. She likes my felt cake key chain very much and requests me to make few for her.

She asked me to put all the key chains in a decorative box and this is the outcome>>>

Another view of the whole things...

Besides the custom made order, she purchased my other handmade products too. I am sorry to her for waiting two weeks to get the things post to her as i am busy with my school works. Anyway, hope she likes it and thank you... :)

* Custom Made is available *

Custom Made Order- Felt Cakes

I have received a custom made order from my friend last month.
She requests me to make two felt cakes. One for herself and another one for her cousin as birthday gift...^^

The overview of two felt cakes...

The pink one is for her cousin. So i have sew Happy Birthday words and her cousin's name on it.

The Blue one is for herself as a decoration in her room...
Hope her cousin likes it and thanks again for the order, friend :)

Simple Small Coin Purse... 小小零钱包

Another handmade fabric stuff of mine. It is a small coin purse to home your coins :) Made with Japanese Cotton and with padding inside...

soft touching...

CP 001: Pinky Cherry (SOLD) CP 002: Blacky Cat CP 003: Vintage Flower (SOLD)

CP 004: Colourful Circle CP 005: Blue Dragonfly (SOLD)

Size Measurement: Approximately 7cm(L)x 5.8cm(w)x 4.8cm(H)

Status: ALL SOLD

Grab it before it was sold out...:P

Felt Fruit Tart Key Chain 水果塔锁匙圈

Here comes felt fruit tart key chain after felt cakes key chains were being sold out.

* Thanks for the support *

Same with the felt cakes key chain, added cute small fruits such as strawberry, orange slice, blueberry and chocolate stick on it...
u can hang it with your key or hang it on the bag.

*Front View*

*Side View*

Size Measurement: Approximately 4.5cm(L)x 4.5cm(w)x 3.5cm(H)
Status: All SOLD

Heart Eco Giveaway~~

Heart Eco is having their second giveaway too~~

Applemama Giveaway~~

Wow!!! Applemama is having giveaway~~

The gifts was so attractive...^^

Do come and join this giveaway...

Simple Hand Phone Pouch * 简易手机袋 *

Made these hand phone pouches during my 3 weeks holidays.
This is my first time using fabrics to make hand phone pouch and the outcome is quite satisfied me... ^^

It is made with Japanese cotton(棉布) and Japanese cotton linen (棉麻布) and with padding (铺棉) inside to "protect" your hand phone... Lace sew at the front side and cute label at the back side of hand phone pouch... Added one button inside to avoid falling out of your hand phone...

p/s: The size of the hand phone can fixed in is up to the size of SE Satio (without button up the button), the other sizes smaller than SE Satio can fixed in undoubtedly... The colour might be slightly different due to the lighting problem.

And sorry for my lousy shooting skills...:P

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Status: SOLD

Size Measurement: Approximately 13cm x 7.5cm

"Delicious" Felt Cake ^^ 不织布蛋糕

Are you wondering what to buy as a birthday gift? This felt cake can be one of your choices. It is Hand sew and decorated with different cute stuffs on it. Do they look attractive? Email me if u wish to buy it ya~~ p/s: You may request to add Happy Birthday words if u buy it as a birthday present....



Size measurement: Approximately 11cm x 11cm x 7cm

Status: ALL SOLD